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Defeat your inner weakling!

Come and I'll show you the way!😊

🍀Online & Live

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🍀 You know that you should exercise more, but you still don't do it because you just can't motivate yourself. Do you prefer to lie on the couch and watch Netflix in the evening after work?

🍀 Have you tried exercising online using various apps or YouTube, were motivated for a week and then stopped?  

🍀 You make a decission in the morning to eat healthier from today. At breakfast and lunch, you put what you planned on the table and then the afternoon comes and you have a sweets-attack and eat a whole bar of chocolate. 

🍀 Summer is approaching and you're already afraid to put on a bikini because you don't want others to see what you look like? 

🍀 You're walking along the beach and see a woman with a flat stomach, firm skin and a beautiful figure and think: I'd like to have that figure too!   


Do these things sound familiar to you? Then you've come to the right place!  


My name is Krisztina, yoga teacher, fitness trainer and nutritionist. I will help you to exercise regularly and really enjoy it, whether on site in Maspalomas or online. I make sure that you don't have to overcome yourself. You will realize that sport can be really fun! You'll notice how your stomach gets tighter. Even if you've already had children, it's still possible. You will be able to touch your toes with your fingers while bending forward. You will become more relaxed. I will teach you various relaxation methods so that you don't always get unnecessarily upset and harm yourself.  




I now teach 15 different fitness classes and 5 different styles of yoga. Thanks to my many years of experience in the field, I can quickly find out which exercise would suit you best so that you can get fitter as quickly as possible and how you should eat to get your body back into balance! Because if we eat badly, how can our body function properly? You don't have to go on a diet, we'll find a way for you to keep eating what you like.  



You will feel the results after a short time, which will motivate you to continue. I used to have a personal trainer myself. Although I was a competitive athlete, it wasn't easy to stay motivated and I'm very grateful for that! I would never have achieved my goals without her! Exercise, nutrition and relaxation are important to keep you healthy, fit and happy! Whether through yoga, workout, meditation or nutrition. We'll find the way that's right for you!



Live personal training takes place at your home or at another location in Maspalomas by arrangement.

Online personal training takes place via Zoom.


🍀 Click here to book a free, no-obligation appointment. We'll look together at where you are at the moment and how I can help you achieve your goal.


Best regards


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